Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My Employee Contested a TNC – Can I Take Their Word That They Resolved It?

To benefit from using E-Verify, employers have to follow the rules of the program and rely
on E-Verify to provide any case results.

When an individual receives a TNC (Tentative Non Confirmation) and decides to contest it,
the employer should not ask the employee for a status. The employer must rely on the
E-Verify program to provide updates on the pending TNC case. If the employee contests
the TNC and is successful, the employer will know when E-Verify updates the case with
“Employment Authorized”.

If the employee is not successful, the case will be automatically updated to “Final Non
Confirmation”. In both cases, it is the E-Verify program that will provide the final result to
the employer and not the employee themselves.

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