Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What Could Cause Social Security Administration to Issue a TNC?

Form I-9 data submitted to E-Verify could generate a Tentative Non Confirmation (TNC) for anyone.
If this happens and the case status says “SSA TNC”, it means E-Verify could not verify the data with
records maintained by Social Security Administration (SSA).

In this case, the employee must contest the TNC in order to learn what caused it but there are several
reasons that could result in this situation. The Social Security Administration may not have the most
updated citizenship-status information for the employee, or a name change had occurred without
their knowledge.

Additionally, outdated information in their system or even data-entry errors could cause a non-verification

so an employee wishing to resolve the TNC would have to contest it by visiting SSA within 8 business days. 

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